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Satellite TV Comparison – Cable VS Satellite TV Packages

– Time Warner Connection offers Digital Cable for $49. 95 over the first 12 months (then you’ll be paying the standard local rates after) – $599. 40 relating to the first year;

– Comcast’s basic package, Digital Start costs $29. 99 on the first 6 months, then $61. 99 shortly – $611. 88 on the first year;

– Direct TV’s starts having its Choice package for $29. 99 for any first 12 months – $359. 88 on the first year; and

– Dish Network’s basic package starts using its America’s Top 120 for $19. 99 for any first 12 months – $239. 88 over the first year.

In terms of costs, Satellite TV providers win this match. Satellite TV packages in contrast, Dish Network may have the edge over Direct TV. More so, the actual rates that cable subscribers pay significantly vary from one area to another so you’ll need to verify how much you’d really have to pay to get subscribed with these businesses.


: Time Warner Cable’s $49. 95 comes with over 200 digital cable channels, with Movies On-Demand whilst others.

– Comcast’s starter package includes over 80 digital cable channels, a ton of movies, commercial-free music channels and more.

– Direct TV’s Choice bundle includes over 150 all-digital channels, local channels (where applicable), free installations plus more.

– Dish Network’s America’s Top 120 includes over 120 all-digital channels, local channels (where applicable), free installations plus more.

Time Warner’s generous line-up associated with over 200 digital cable channels reasons its costly selling price. Between Dish Network and Direct TV, it’s the subscriber’s decision if they want to get more digital channels by adding a few more dollars to their packages.

Other charges

Time Warner Cable charges a one-time fee for each installation such as security deposit ($50), specialist visit ($30), service help fee ($4. 99), simple connect shipping and handling ($4. 99), etc. Other charges required for a electronic digital cable service like expanded cable ($43. 70/month), cord box ($7. 99/month each), digital intro fee ($2/mo), etc., etc. Try this website for Time Warner Cable Deals

Comcast charges extra costs installation (app. $50), safeguard fee (app. $30), basic TV service fee (app. $4/mo), etc. DVR services may require deposit eliminating the DVR monthly service fee, etc. etc.

Direct TV and Dish Network have basically the same system in terms of other charges. The installation fee and free, handling and shipping are usually free (especially for online subscriptions), equipment leases are free for the first receiver (or more depending on the package).
Are you considering switching to Time period Warner Cable? Do you currently have a satellite and you are just not sure if you are getting a very good deal? You can find advantages that Time Warner offers that just should not be beat. Here is a review from someone that has had both.

If you will be into sports, then there is nothing which you could compare to digital cable from Time Warner. What most sports fans have no idea of is that DirectTV is not the only company that offers an NFL bundle, a NCAA package, and other sporting activities packages. You just have to ask and they can provide what you are after.

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